Active Recall

Active Recall is a well-proven study technique in which instead of re-reading the knowledge, you instead test yourself on the topic which you want to learn.

By testing yourself, you force your brain to retrieve the information, instead of trying to “put the information in the brain”, the latter of which is not as effective, evidence shows.

In practice, instead of noting down the answers to questions, with active recall you would write down only the question instead. During review, when you don’t know the answer to one of the questions, you mark the question for yourself and look it up after having gone through all question you wanted to go through today (see Spaced Repitition for why to do it in this order). This has the added benefit of looking up the information in the context of the topic, causing you to passively review adjacent information.

Active Recall is ideally combined with spaced repitition for ideal study results.

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